Inkscape Icon Template

For those of us using Inkscape to create tool icons, this template can be useful. The page size is set to 32x32 px which is the icons’ display size at 100% scaling. I have added an additional grid where the physical pixels are on 125% scaling and on 150% scaling, as well as a lowest common denominator grid. Details close to the lines of the last grid stay somewhat crisp at all these scalings (at least that’s my theory). There’s also a 5th grid on a 0.5 px offset, useful for lines with an odd pixel width. (1003 Bytes)


Also note that Inkscape have a Icon preview panel which is also handy while developing. Allows you to preview the icon at multiple sizes at the same time.

Another side note. Historically SU used icon sizes of 16x16 and 24x24. A few versions ago a change was made to such that the image sizes were 24x24 and 32x32. However, that didn’t really increase the size of the visible icons. They just got a border of padding incorporated into the pixel image.

This has confused me quite a bit in the past and I’ve struggled to get pixel perfect icons. The docs still says 24 PX though :confused: .

The docs mention pixel sizes? o_O
Can you file an issue for this please? Issues · SketchUp/ruby-api-stubs · GitHub

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