Increasing modeling speed with hightech: SpeakUp


I’ve already ordered one…

The future of Computer Aided Design

:slight_smile: AI at it’s best! (A1)


My copy of SpeakUp arrived before I ordered it! And this was a hint of things to come.

I tried using it, and I find that it’s so good, it makes changes to the model before I tell it to!

It’s like it’s reading my mind!


I ordered one of those big hammers instead, much more fun…


The new pressure-sensitive deformation tool.


I prefer “Classic Cordless Kinetic Energy Accumulation and Delivery Tool”


Except the acronym sucks!


Well I’d just call it a “big knocking stick”, from one of my dads phrases.


When they were young, my kids would call it a “dentcher” :joy:


“If in doubt, give it a clout.”
(Lots of broken stuff up our way)


The Future of Computer Aided Design

Thought this was a terrific April Fools video! My kids had to come over and see what I was laughing at.

And SU isn’t even part of Google anymore…


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