Importing autocad file - all lines are connected

I have some DWG files that I wish to import into Sketchup Pro 2020. I do not have access to the original source and cannot export them again.

They import OK into a nice flat 2d model as expected, but all lines are connected into a single massive line, so it’s pretty hard to work with. Is there any way to automatically split all lines at intersections?

DWG file attached.


test.dwg (361.9 KB)

… I guess you are talking about what called in Sketchup : component ( or group. )

SU importing your dwg as a component. Inside this component there are individual edges, (curves and arcs are also there, but they are really a series of edges) and other sub components. Even in some sub components there are other level of sub component.
What you can do:

  1. Double click ont he component to enter inside the component context and edit the geometries. When you done: Left click outside of component or Right click “Close Component” to close it.

  2. Right click ont he component and select “Explode” therefore you will “destroy the container” and you can edit directly

In both case as mentioned there will be an sub-components inside what you can handle similar way as the “outside” component.

Here it is described more precisely and detailed :blush::


Oh wow, that is quite embarrassing! Exploding the component has mostly achieved what I want.

You saved me a lot of time, thank you for the detailed response.

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You’re very welcome.

You can mark it as a solution and/or like my post if you are satisfied… :slight_smile:

In addition, it sometimes helps to change the style in a more ‘CAD’ like environment:
Edit the Style.
Edge settings: Turn off profiles, turn on Dashes and set the color to ‘By Material’
BackGround settings: Turn of Sky and Ground, change the color of the background to a darker one.
Model settings: Turn on ‘Color by Tag’

Note: you still need to open the component, as @dezmo explained.

imported dwg.skp (1,1 MB) (3,5 KB)