Imported images doesn't show anymore

So been applying graphics (import, then use as image) quite happily to SU models in Pro 14, a pain with curves etc
but flat faces easy.

Now when I apply them in SU they show fine in the model as normal but when I go to render nothing shown?

If I explode the imported image it disappears, i’ve tried lots of file formats and same happens.

Any ideas? Is this SU or Twilight render?

Some renderer’s don’t display Images - but when exploded into a Textured Material or initially imported as a Texture, then they should show up.
If you explode the Image whilst it’s over a reversed face, then the newly added material might only get applied to the back of that face.
Some renderers don’t process rear faces beyond a default color.
If you view the model in Monochrome mode with a distinctive back-face default-material set in your Style, what do you see ?
Reversed faces are a no-no for most renderers…
Try testing with the simplest of models with the Image and a face using a similar textured-material, both standing up on end [i.e. vertical].
Note how the normal for a new face made flat on the ground is always ‘downwards’ - so you’ll see its back - this is because SketchUp assumes you’ll want to PushPull it upwards and that will be the correct orientation to keep the new form’s bottom face afterwards…

thanks for the comprehensive response.

I tried push pull in various planes to see if that effected it.

Turned out I need to cross a line on the face having the image applied, after doing that it works fine, why? I know not, but it works

thanks again