I need to find this name of this

I see this video live on my facebook and I see this pad
Who know what it called?

Look at the 3D Connexion website. If you watch those videos that Aaron does, the name of it gets mentioned several times.

I’m sorry that I didn’t tell before My uncle is an architect and he don’t know what this called. It’s not for me

Thanks you Hope I can find it faster

Thanks you you both I already got answer and not more i’m looking for.

Maybe you tell the rest of us ??

By an amazing coincidence I had a reason to ask Aaron what the model is, only about 40 minutes ago. It’s Space Mouse Enterprise.



These are the voyages …
of the Space Mouse Enterprise.
Its continuing mission:
to explore strange, new 3D worlds, …
to seek out new geometry and new challenges, …
to boldly go where no one has modeled before.



Ahh, THAT Enterprise.
I was thinking that the name was computer-ese, meaning “designed to tempt big or would-be-big companies, with price tag to match”