I Need help making my compound curved seats taper in the front without distorting the back

I am designing Seats that curve up on the top and on the front. I need them to hold their size, but need to curve the fronts of each seat to taper to nothing by the last seat

Not enough information about what you are trying to do is shown in the screenshots. If you attach a skp file to your message someone may be able to help without guessing what you want.

Moxy Serpentine Banquette.skp (153.3 KB)
Here is the file. I am trying to maintain the same cushion as the straight one in the back of the seat, but taper each seat to match the arc drawn at the bottom.

The last seat in this row is my best attempt, but still looks terrible and isn’t connected.

This is what this should look like, but follow me distorts the back, and intersecting planes won’t work correctly.

A screenshot of what I’ve done so far using native Go tools. I took a copy of the back seat that you said was the best. I measured 55" from the origin (seat is 11" wide) and drew the arcs you see in the screen shot. I move/copied the seat 11" from the origin. I plan on using intersect faces with selection to make the first tapered seat. We’ll see how it turns out.

Hopefully that will work! Thank you for your help on this. I am completely stumped!

With quads and SUbD

That is Perfect! Would you mind sending me the SKP file that you used? Also, if you could tell me what those plugins are I would love to learn about them. THANK YOU!

3D model (it’s just as an idea):
MSB-02.skp (430.8 KB)

I show what the first tapered seat looks like. Now that Mihai is involved, I will stop after this.
First Tapered Seat

Thank you so much for your help Royce!

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Thank you Mihai! Greatly Appreciated!

One last amateur question. How do I get the view back to smooth solid lines rather than the dashed detail lines?

View > Hidden Geometry


A quick additional idea, depending on the level of detail you need, follow me can quickly extrude profiles along a path.


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