I need Animator help

Anyone here fluent with Animator that can lend a hand?

I have this sphere/pod that I need to open and close, problem is the angles that I am struggling to figure out. Here is an animation of what I need to achieve and a model of the final open position, how can this be done?


THE LOOK.skp (1.2 MB)

Any help will be appreciated.


The video is not active (you pasted an image) and the skp file does not contain any animation.

Anyway, the best is to close the sphere manually first.

Then in Animator, you can open the panels one by one or by group, as you feel it.

Finally, you put everything into a group so that you can play it backward or forward.


I guess my real problem is getting the right axis and pivot points

Maybe you can draw a few guidelines to help the input of the rotations…

Also you can select more than one object for a rotation… So you can rotate several panels, and then add up individual rotation of each panel.