I made plant cells


Plant Cells.skp (2.2 MB)

Warning: 64,768,016 edges
Open with caution. I made proxy layers to speed things up. It will most likely temporarily freeze if you do anything without the high-res layers off, but you can use the proxy layers to orbit freely.

They’re 1,000:1 scale.

I think it’d be cool to make a semi-accurate model of a leaf with all the leaf parts, their cells, and their cell parts, so like a 3D model of a leaf with all the microscopic parts drawn out too for scientific purposes. Maybe people could even run simulations and try to figure out how plants work, so they can reverse engineer them and make their own. Maybe with a supercomputer and stronger microscopes…


Interesting. I think I will avoid opening this with my laptop.

I have a related personal project illustration coming up for a family member, needing renders of cell processes for a PHd thesis - my challenge will be to keep it reasonably simple, while showing the key processes at work. That will require careful control of lights and darks, as well as some color coding.