I have some doubt about plugins



I should have made it clear, a pack of PLUGINS for different disciplines would be useful. Just collections of existing plugins.


I agree that so many tools are simple enough that they should be contained within default product and accessible through simple, logicial menu items, buttons & shortcut keys (similar to Sandbox and Advanced Camera Tools).

A few I use almost daily:
Roll Camera
Face creator
Selection Toys
Cleanup (certain simple functions perhaps)
Draw line or face on Surface (part of Tools on Surface)
Search and Replace text
Find and close edge gaps (part of Edge Tools2)
Flatten Selection (part of Architect Tools)

A more consistent approach to organizing menus would be appreciated. We should expect the average Pro user to have dozens, maybe even 100s of individual functions added via extensions so customising things is fairly important and for an agency/studio/workplace should be able to be deployed & updated across multiple workstations. (a plugin pack or batch install would be OK)

Some menus are inconsistent and confusing for a lot of users, for example, to select “Line on Surface” I must go to: Tools > Fredo6 Collection > Tools on Surface >> Line on Surface
But for “Scale Ratio” I must go to: Extensions > SUForYou > Scale Tools >> Scale Ratio

On a similar note, I have to question why some developers use their own name in the title? EG “Chris Fulmer Tools” or Fredo6, …is this to try to become famous somehow? What if everybody did that? We’d have “John Smith’s Scale Tool.” “Mary Jackson’s Drop Component” and “Sup3rUs3r1989 Offset Lines.” There are less annoying ways to take credit.


+1 for this one


How would first time users be able to distinguish these from the normal 3D drawing tools?


My preference would be to give the regular Line tool and face drawing tools the ability to draw on a surface by default, by pressing a modifier key (Alt)

Alternatively, the tools could simply be grouped with the Sandbox tool set.


Modifier key makes sense to me. Putting it inside the sandbox toolbar doesn’t make much sense because it’s not a part of sandbox tool. However it could be a separate plugin toolbar that just like sandbox tools is hidden by default not to clutter the UI for first time users. However I don’t think installing aplugin is that much harder than showing a hidden toolbar so I still don’t really get why it should be done.


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