I don't see the default Tag on the tags panel

I don’t see the default Tag on the tags panel

If you mean in the web version, that’s normal.

Realized where we are. It’s normal for iPad as well.

Why would that be normal?

It was a change done over 9 months ago, to help make sure you don’t draw raw geometry anywhere except on Untagged. Here is what was said about it at the time:

But why would we want to remove Layer0 from the list because of that? If we want people to be unable to draw in other layer, then disable the ability of drawing in other layer.

Now we have the new tag tool that we can use to paint layers but we have no way of picking the default layer while we can’t paint every other layer. I know we can sample, but why would the default layer be the only one not featured if it’s the one most used?

The classifier tool has a modifier to clear all classifications tags (yes, you can apply multiple classification tags to an object)
Since Layer0 basically means ‘no layer assigned’ it could be added to the tag tool as well.

Edit: this was one of the most frustrating experiences when starting in SketchUp, that we could not rename or remove Layer0.

I agree with that though I still think of default as a layer instead of an absence of Layers. What’s the backstage inten there’s a practice of years assigning layer O to objects?

I’m not saying that any of these workarounds are ideal – at the moment, they’re just that: workarounds. But to reassign the Untagged tag to something, you can use the Tag tool’s sample mode to sample an untagged item and then use the Tag tool to make other things untagged.

@MikeWayzovski the note about introducing a ‘remove tag’ mode is under consideration. We are also carrying an item on the list to offer the option to assign a tag to a selected entity via Entity Info (and to include ‘Untagged’ in that list).

Untagged also shows up as an option when presented with the tags that you can assign when deleting a tag that has been assigned to stuff in the model.


I am using that sample workaround but it seems just like a workaround. If everything is tagged in my current context I can’t sample without drawing something first

Yep. & I acknowledge that’s less than ideal.

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Thanks. Not urgent. Just a detail.