I don't know how to make a mould can anyone help me pls

i want to make a Quarter for myself

So i want to make a mold for 3D printing so i just need to pour cement in it for mass production, so can you guide me to make it?
Thank you!!

Are you asking for how to may a physical mould (such as what RTV to use, whether to de-gas the RTV, etc.), or are you asking how to make a 3D digital model of a mould using SKetchUp?

Are you using the free web version as your profile implies? Or are you using SketchUp Pro?

3D digital model of a mould using SKetchUp pls

im using Sketchup Pro

Please correct your forum profile, then. You aren’t using the Free Plan.

So what you really need to do is model the block you have so you can make a mold out of silicone as @TDahl indicated? Model the block and make sure it’s a solid object when you get finished. If you are totally new to SketchUp start with the tutorials at learn.sketch.com

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thank you

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