I cannot re enable the tool bar icons on my Pro 2020

I cannot re-enable the tool icons on the screen and seem to have lost them on all previous files.

My guess would be if you can work out what the twat dweeb is we would be well on the way to something.

How does one enable the tool bar icons to appear on the 3d screen? I had them automatically before and now for some reason they’ve disappeared. I can get the large menu to the right of the screen for colors and materials but NONE of the simple icons in their separate bar are visible. I then have to go into the menu list land this is cumbersome.

and thnx for calling me on the TD…just a little frustrated here as this seems/ought to be the simplest of things…

Upload a screenshot of your desktop…this may help.

Are you somehow missing the View menu>Toolbars window? Have you used an external monitor that is now disconnected? What happens if you right-click on the toolbar area?

This was very helpful. I just needed to work through clicking the necessary boxes in the view section and click reset. Now I have all of what I need. Just can’t figure out how I de-activated all the tools shown on the screen…Thanks!

With Anssi’s help I managed to fix it. Thanks for responding to my dilemma.