I am looking for a sketchup tutor in the tampa area

I am looking for a sketchup tutor in the tampa area.
I have been using Sketchup for about 8 years now and am self taught.
I want to take it to the next level.
I am the Tampa Fl area looking for a tutor

Welcome here, I see you joined some 10 minutes ago. Isn’t this forum worth a try?

As @WoDan mentioned, this forum is a great resource. I am design consultant and have been using using SketchUp for 15+ years … and when I get stuck I have always been able to find the answer on this forum … oftentimes by using the search function.
But if you are dead set on paying a tutor … they won’t have to be local. I use Join.Me to communicate with clients all the time … and oftentimes we are reviewing a SketchUp model of the their project. But we could just as easily be reviewing how to use SketchUp.

The “official” free online SketchUp courses at https://learn.sketchup.com/ are a great resource too.