Huge icons on web version

I’m really confused as to how to “get” or download Sketchup. I just want to download a simple free CAD program to make a 2D layout of my existing house. It seems I have to jump through a bunch of hoops and then leads me nowhere. Is Sketchup still available for download as it takes me to a 404?

When I try to use the web version all the icons are HUGE and cut off so I’m not even sure that I’m seeing all of the tools.

If it’s Make 17 you are looking for try this link.

If you’re using chrome you can reset the scaling or size of the icons. Hold the ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel

New here. New to Sketchup Web version.

Thank you mics. I was trying to copy something and suddenly the icons were huge. I freaked out. Obviously while holding the control key to copy I tried to scroll to zoom, and bang. Joined up here to figure out how to fix it. All these years and I didn’t know there was a short cut to zoom Chrome. Thanks again

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