How to use my basic sketch to share to students?

Hi there! Novice user here, I am planning on using this program for a set design project for my 6th grade drama students. I have created a basic stage design with a few chairs in the audience. I would like to use this basic set to send to each student so they can all start with a base layer and at set pieces and props to create a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My questions are: 1 - How do I get my students on SketchUp and 2 - How do I send them this exact copy of my saved 3d design and 3 - Will I be able to check in on the progress of my students ? 4 - Is there a way to connect this to Google Classroom?

Than you!!

@Steve_Ketchup, a slight nudge?

I checked, and it’s 17 months since Steve left SketchUp. @CaseyG would be the person to nudge now.