How to start Sketchup training at home for 11 yr old when city shool system refuses to implement?

I have tried repeatedly during the pandemic to try to get our school system to teach Sketchup or other CAD systems but they refuse. Is there any way as a parent that I can set up a computer at home for my 11 yr old son to begin to learn some Computer design skills ?

Try SketchUp free. It is only on Web but it can be of interest for an 11 years old student.

Start here:


You don’t say whether your 11 year old son wants to learn this stuff. I think that is the most important ingredient. No one of any age will do it if they aren’t completely into it. But if he is, you will surely be able to find people here who would give instruction, and as jean_lemire_1 says, you only need a computer and download the program for free. Trimble still has SketchUp Make 2017 available as a download. There are great tutorials available on the web, as well. But for a child, a softer approach is probably better than the quicker teaching of tutorials, which always take the understanding, background, and perspective of an adult for granted. Good luck!