How to set an angle in minutes instead of tenths

Hi! I’m making some details using a protractor to measure angles of my details but my real-world protractor shows measurements in degrees and minutes. So is there any way to change SU protractor units in order not to use some online converters each time?

You need accuracy greater than a quarter degree?


I need to put values in VCB in such a way as an example, look at this screenshot. Sow how can I put these measuruments in SU?

Of course I could convert it manually as I said for example using some online converters on web. But it’s very difficult to do it each time

There’s an old forum thread on the same subject, which mentions a plugin that might help.

If that doesn’t do what you want (I haven’t tried it myself) then an experienced Ruby plugin developer might be able to create a plugin to do the deg/min/sec to deg.decimals conversion for you.

I think it would be an excellent enhancement to the Protractor tool to add Bearing “units” to degrees and slope capabilities.

Would someone please move this thread to Feature Requests.

Additionally, I believe the FR enhances SketchUp as a part of Trimble’s Civil and Geospatial focus.


Agreed. Everything done by land surveyors that I have to coordinate with is in Deg Min Sec, and it’s not like Trimble is uninterested in surveyors and civil engineers.

This is an example where I just use the tool I have at hand that does handle it no problem: PowerCADD. There’s a mantra repeated around this BB that you should do EVERYTHING with SketchUp and Layout, and NOT use anything else, but here’s another example why I’m not dropping PC.

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Moved to feature requests.


Thanks @IanT

I second or third or “minute”? this. Input should allow one to simply type 2 or 3 numbers with a space between each.