How to reset camera for all scenes with ruby?

I want to reset the camera for all scenes with the ruby script, and the action likes to switch every single scene and click the Tools->Advanced Camera Tools->Reset Camera.

I try to find the send_action list but don’t get any corresponding code or reference.

If you know about this, please help me:) Thanks in advance.

What have you tried so far?

Scenes are called pages in the ruby api. I would assume you would just have to iterate all of those and call the update method on each of them.

Yes, I know how to iterate the pages and update them to change the camera’s property for the current view.

However, I don’t know how to trigger the ‘Reset Camera’ shown in the above image.

You are trying to “reach” a method delivered by other extension.
The Advanced Camera Tools is supplied as “default” extension with SU. However it is encrypted extension, therefore not that much chance to call it’s method from outside…
See similar topic here: Run SandBox Add Detail Tool from Script