How to put a circle on rectangle so that circle replaces underlying rectangle

Very starter question: I have a rectangle and I put a circle on it. How can I get circle ‘going through’ the rectangle? (So that if I move circle to new position, there would be hole in the rectangle in the original position of sphere).

I dont’t want to make a 3D cylinder with push/pull.

You can select the face inside the circle and delete it. then copy the circle with move/Copy to create additional holes.

Where does a sphere come into this? A sphere is a 3D shape.

DaveR, I want both circle (sorry, not sphere as I miswrote) and rectangle to be there but as separate objects. I don’t want that some one is on the top but they must be on the same level.

I am trying make a 2D finite element mesh but I think program makes mesh first to rectangle and then again to onlying circle so that there are basically two meshes… So in order to avoid this, I want rectangle and circle to be on the same level (no-one on top or bottom of each other).

It sounds to me like you don’t understand how Sketchup works. Perhaps you could show an image of exactly what you are trying to draw.

I am trying to do a 2D finite element mesh with MeshKit extension. Mesh should have two regions: rectangle and circle. Circle is located inside rectangle but on the top or bottom…

A single face in SketchUp has no thickness so there is no top or bottom.

I ask again, please show an example of exactly what you are trying to draw.

  1. I have a rectangle.
  2. I make a circular hole to it.
  3. Can I make a new circle to that hole that it EXACTLY covers that hole?

Make the rectangle with the hole in it a group. Then draw another circle to fill the opening.

Draw the rectangle then the circle, select the face of the circle and go Edit/Cut. Triple click to select everything that is left then right click and Make Group. Then go Edit/Paste in Place to put the circle back, right click on it and Make Group.
You have two groups that fit together.

I would like to see the desired example result too, there will be different ways to get there with SketchUp…