How to open templates from Ruby Plugin

I downloaded a plugin with some templates and its installed.
Currently using a mac with Sketch-pro-2019.
Does anyone know, how to open and use the templates in that plugin?
Thanks, in advance.

what plugin?


The plugin is Optimaker

Is for design eyeglasses, with CNC.

Thanks in advance

That link doesn’t work for me. It returns an error: “Cannot GET /frame-lab”.

Indeed the link and page both are broken.

This particular toolset seems somewhat suspect - its RBZ has not been signed, and the whole thing has scant instructions on how to use it…

Assuming it’s all legit them you ought to contact the authors directly ?

However, if you now have some template SKP files you'd like to reuse, then you can simply to add them to your User's Templates folder... To find that use this in the Ruby Console:


It’ll open your User’s Templates folder…
Then you can move the SKP template files into there, and restart SketchUp to see them available under the Preferences item…

I think the template being sort are for modifiable spectacles…