How can I use this plug in?

opening simplified.rb (22.3 KB)

Recently I’ve got this file from prof. in England. He said It might be helpful to understand

IFC file. (I guess is REVIT file)\

Can you guys try to use this and reply me?


The .rb file is a RUBY script - aka a ‘plugin’ - which will auto-load from the Plugins folder as SketchUp starts.
These add additional functions to SketchUp.

You can open and read it in in a plain text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ [which has syntax highlighting, line-numbers etc] on PC, or TextWrangler on a MAC.

Only load files from a trusted source…

It seems to be a way of importing wall geometry into your SKP - reading in data from an IFC file - this kind of categorization is now ‘built in’ to the newer versions of SketchUp, including IFC import/export capabilities…

It’s not that well written [IMHO].
It’s methods are not wrapped in a module to protect them from clashes with other scripts.
It uses lots of global-variables [$] which could conflict with other plugins - but if it was in a module they could be self-contained @ variables avoiding this.
It is uncommented so what each method does is not immediately clear - except from it convoluted naming.
None of this would be hard to ‘fix’…

Thanks TIG!

It helped a lot to understand ruby.

Just one more question. Does it works in your sketch up?

I haven’t tried it. :fearful:
It’s not from a ‘trusted-source’ and I’d need suitable IFC files etc to run it…