How to lock a SUGroupRef using C++ API

I am new to skecthup, I wanted to know if it is currently possible to lock a group using 2016 C++ SDK similar to what it is possible to do with Ruby SDK :

Add a group to the model using Ruby code.

group = Sketchup.active_model.entities.add_group
status = group.locked = true

Thanks for your help.

Cast your SUGroupRef to and SUComponentInstanceRef and use SUComponentInstanceSetLocked

Thanks for your quick answer, how would you cast SUGroupRef to an SUComponentInstanceRef, do you use static_cast or there an skp api function?

Thanks for your help.


I have tested the following but it does not lock the group (I don’t have the blue box around the element when I select it)

Here is the piece of code I have used :

	//Get number of instance
	SUComponentInstanceRef instance = SU_INVALID;

	instance = SUGroupToComponentInstance( mGroup );

	ASSERT( SUIsValid( instance ) ) ;
	SU_CALL( SUComponentInstanceSetLocked( instance, lock ) );


‘lock’ is true at execution time.

Am I missing something?

I am not able to reproduce this. The functions locks the group as expected in my test.

You say “blue” - the default style in SU display a red boundingbox when you select a locked instance. However this is style dependant. Please check the Entity Info.

If you still see it doesn’t working, please provide a full example that reproduce the issue. Including any models that might be needed.

Here is the test snipped I used:

// SLAPI-Test.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.

#include "stdafx.h"

#include <array>
#include <assert.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>

#include "SketchUpAPI/sketchup.h"

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])

  SUModelRef model = SU_INVALID;
  SUResult result = SUModelCreateFromFile(&model, "C:\\Users\\tthomas2\\SourceTree\\SLAPI-Test\\models\\SU-31417.skp");
  assert(result == SU_ERROR_NONE);

  SUEntitiesRef entities = SU_INVALID;
  result = SUModelGetEntities(model, &entities);
  assert(result == SU_ERROR_NONE);

  size_t num_groups = 0;
  result = SUEntitiesGetNumGroups(entities, &num_groups);
  assert(result == SU_ERROR_NONE);

  std::vector<SUGroupRef> groups(num_groups, SU_INVALID);
  size_t num_group_out = 0;
  result = SUEntitiesGetGroups(entities, num_groups, &groups[0], &num_group_out);
  assert(result == SU_ERROR_NONE);

  SUGroupRef group = groups.back();

  SUEntitiesRef group_entities = SU_INVALID;
  result = SUGroupGetEntities(group, &group_entities);
  assert(result == SU_ERROR_NONE);

  // SUGroupToComponentInstance
  SUComponentInstanceRef instance = SU_INVALID;
  instance = SUGroupToComponentInstance(group);

  // SUGroupFromComponentInstance
  SUGroupRef group2 = SUGroupFromComponentInstance(instance);

  // SUComponentInstanceIsLocked
  bool is_locked = false;
  result = SUComponentInstanceIsLocked(instance, &is_locked);
  assert(result == SU_ERROR_NONE);

  // SUComponentInstanceSetLocked
  result = SUComponentInstanceSetLocked(instance, true);
  assert(result == SU_ERROR_NONE);

  result = SUComponentInstanceIsLocked(instance, &is_locked);
  assert(result == SU_ERROR_NONE);
  // SUComponentInstanceSaveAs
  result = SUModelSaveToFile(model, "C:\\Users\\tthomas2\\SourceTree\\SLAPI-Test\\models\\SUComponentInstanceSetLocked.skp");
  assert(result == SU_ERROR_NONE);


  return 0;

The resulting file:

And the SKP file it reads in: SU-31417.skp (30.2 KB)

Thanks for the code,

I have tested the sample code with the input test file but when I open the generated output file in Sketchup Make 2016, the part is not locked. However if I test the same part to see whether there is or not a lot on the entities instance, it has a lock…

Attached output file.SU-31417_lock.skp (30.2 KB)

Am I using the file wrongly in Sketchup?

When I open this output file in SU2016, Zoom extents, then select the “UV Cube”, I see a properly locked Solid Group, not a ComponentInstance. (And being a group, it’s definition name is hidden in the EntityInfo inspector.)

My hidden select color is set to Red, so the boundingbox hilightes as Red.

So, why is the above screenshot showing a ComponentInstance ?

You lost me on this one … there isn’t a lock, but there is a lock?

Btw, are you opening the SKP, or are you importing it? If you import an SKP it will come in as a component. Your filename and screenshot indicate you have the “SU-31417_lock.skp” imported as a component.

Just to make sure, if you used my test script - it generated a file “SUComponentInstanceSetLocked.skp”. If you go to File > Open and then select that file in SketchUp you should get a group with a cube that is locked.

Can you try those exact steps?

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I have managed to have correct behavior in Sketchup with the sample, I have realized that the model I have built with my code appeared to be a surface when I open in Sketchup not a solid model.

I guess something is wrong in the way I am building the component. I’ll open a new topic for this one to understand what I missed to build a Sketchup model from a tessellated representation.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Entity Info will only show “Solid Group” when you have the group selected. When you open the group/component and select the faces it will never say solid.

From the screenshot it looks like you have created a model with a cube - and opened that directly. It’s a bit unclear to what it is you are actually doing when you create and open/import these models. Maybe you can explain step by step what you do - or even better; a video?


In order to open the file I just double click on it and let Sketchup 2016 open.

Then, I select the model on the scene and right click to display entity info.

I have created the following discussion which illustrate how I create the cube : Issue when creating a SKP model from tesselated representation: