How to install msgpack for sketchup

I have a server that communicates with sketchup, I want to use msgpack for data transfer (currently it communicates through json), I found a ruby implementation here : However, I have no idea how to install this to sketchup. can anyone give some directions? many thanks!

Are you planning to use it in an extension you want to distrobute? In which case you will need to bundle the gem into your extension RBZ and within your extension namespace.
There’s a few threads on this topic with further discussion about the matter.

If you only need this for development purposes or your own use you can try to use Gem.install. However, note that if the gem have binaries that needs to be compiled that won’t work. In which case you’ll have to install it on a system Ruby version - matching SketchUp’s Ruby version. Then copy it into the Gems folder of your SketchUp installation.

Oh… iC… thank you for the pointer! I’ll try to digest it.