How to go to standard view in My.Sketchup?



I’m trying to pull up the standard views in My Sketchup, but cant find them. Is there a way to jump to the top view or side view??



The standard views have not been implemented, yet.


Hang in there. We’re still working on a new UI for standard views.


great, thanks!


this tool is awesome, btw! i have a lot of CAD background, and us mySketchup has been very useful for some permitting projects I have.


Off-Topic: Permitting for Commercial Use (Click to Expand)

FYI: says:

The terms of use:

I think (personal opinion) you’d need to get a desktop SketchUp Pro edition license to use as a companion “field applet”, in any commercial endeavor.


Permitting doesnt necessarily imply commercial use. I am making changes to my home, and I need to put together rough drawings for the city.


True. (We are currently going through the same thing, re. hurricane damage to fencing.) My comments above are just informational.


As a workaround for now, you can draw a cube > right click the top or side face > Align View :wink: