How to get ideas about simple objects to draw, learn and improve skills?

Hi everybody.

So far, I’ve been looking for simple 3D objects images on to learn at the same time I practice my skills and I ask my doubts here in the forum.

I found a list of basic and not so basic things you can try to draw here: A series of objects to practice modeling - SusoSight

I thank his work, but I’m looking for a longer list, with a picture as sketch to have some lines to work on.

I’m not creative enough and this keeps me busy, I enjoy it and it’s a hobby to me.

I mainly copy designs from others. I’d like you to recommend where can I get more ideas or … simple models to copy and learn from them at the same time I improve my skills, I know 3D warehouse exists, maybe you can recommend some author that has a good collection of objects to inspect, all recommendations are welcome.

I drew the objects that are in the first four tutorials under the title “Getting Started with SketchUp
I also drew some objects from the book SketchUp 2016 Hands-On: Basic Exercises

I usually don’t save my tests or “pictures”, but those ones are some I made (most of them are copies):

I apologize if I should upload these pictures in another place to avoid slowdown the server.

Thanks in advance as always. :wink:


Maybe google search for images for: toys + wood

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What are your hobbies? I think you’re most likely to enjoy an area you’re interested in, you could go from there.

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Why don’t you draw things you can get your hands on? Surely you don’t live in a monk’s cell. That way you can see all sides of it and take measurements from it.

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Everything you all have said are good recommendations, I really appreciate them ;).

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