How to fix errors with Ruby without displaying the popup dialog?

Hi, all:

I want to fix problems of su file with Ruby api.

As far as I know, I can do it with the following code from Dan’s answer of other topic:

Cross-Platform action strings:
Sketchup::send_action(“fixNonPlanarFaces:”) # may apply to selection set, so Test

PC ONLY numerical automation IDs:
Sketchup::send_action(21124) # launch the validity check tool
#… will always display the modal results dialog needing to be dismissed by user

My question: is there any other way to do that without popup dialog?

Ps: the corresponding C API: SUModelFixErrors()

I’m afraid that the Ruby API doesn’t have such a method.

You can file a request for it in our issue tracker:

I had already logged this last July … so Jeremy, log into GitHUb and give it a :+1:

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Sure, I’ll do it.

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