How to find job as a SketchUp Drafter

I have completed my diploma in cad and bim. I wish to apply job as a sketchup drafter. How can I do that.

Firstly, learn to write the trademarked name of the product correctly. (I corrected the topic title.)

It is: SketchUp, and it’s companion paperspace documentation tool is LayOut.

Drafter should also be capitalized when you are speaking of a position of employment.

You can do searches online at various sites, such as, etc.

It’s no different than applying for any other job. Find companies looking for the skills you have to offer, find out what their application process is and follow it. Most likely you would need to submit a CV and possibly a portfolio of work.

Thank you so much for reply. In my Diploma I studied 2 Softwares Revit and Sketchup. The title of my Diploma is UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA IN CAD AND BIM(ARCHITECTURE) I have completed A Residential house project in both Sofwares in my final assignments which I will show in my portfolio. I am struggling to write the correct keywords in search box. for example. If I write Sketchup in keywords then no job comes up. I have tried writing Architectural Drafter, Architectural Designer Or Revit Trainee Jobs but nothing of my interest is coming up. I wish to design houses in Sketch up or Revit Software so what will be the best keywords to write when I am looking for job on websites. I have registered with, and jobrapido etc.please help me. I am looking for job for the first time in my life.

Does your school offer any assistance with placement? If so, that would be the best place to look. From what I have seen, a position specific to Revit or SketchUp is pretty rare. What you should probably look for as a position as an architectural drafter or BIM designer. Look for companies that you would be interested in, then drill down into the job that they are offering to see if they use SketchUp. As sad as it is to say, “SketchUp Blackbelt” is not a common position… yet…


LinkedIn is also a good resource for searching for drafting positions and creating a profile to highlight your interests and achievements. I would start there!


Thanks a lot for reply. I am struggling a lot to find out what is the exact name of the position construction companies hire to draw a layout of the residential or commercial project. As I have no experience in this field so I am worried if I will ever find a job as a drafter. mostly jobs which I see are of CAD technician but I don’t want to be technician. I want to design the layout of the house. I am typing all possible words in keywords box like Architectural drafter, Trainee Drafter,sketch up drafter, Revit Trainee,Architectural designer,CAD Designer,3D drafter,3D designer,Trainee Cad Drafter,Junior Architectural drafter but nothing comes up. Unless until I know the exact name of the job I am looking for I mean exact name of the position in companies who design the layout of the property then I might have a chance to find a job.Please help me with that

If you want to design a house you should have studied Architecture, that’s what architects do. Do you have other studies related to Design, or just that CAD-BIM Diploma?


So you’re trained as a technician but want a job as a designer - if possible using SketchUp…

Imho (being an architect myself), after just finishing your diploma, you need actual working experience asap - a few years of practice in your field. Limiting your options now to ‘SketchUp’ will make it much harder to find a job. Its just a tool and far less important than relevant knowledge, experience & skills with multiple software.

Architects/firms look for motivated people who have experience AND/OR are very motivated to learn. So if you have a diploma in CAD & BIM - look for drafter positions at firms. Search for ‘Revit’ & ‘jobs’ or ‘vacancies’.

Without a proper diploma, I wouldn’t count on getting a job as a designer. They will probably choose an educated designer without experience over you, and wonder why you don’t look for a job as a drafter. While working somewhere as a drafter though, maybe - if you show great design skills (doing stuff in your free time) - you might get a chance at it assisting an architect but its far more easy to get a job as a designer getting the proper diploma first I think.

Good luck!!


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Thanks. i will type only draftsman in the keywords now. But only one job is showing In Rochdale.

You’ll likely have to broaden your search horizons.


yes I will.Thanks

MaxB gave a good answer and I agree with everything he said, and I will try to elaborate some more to give you realistic expectations for your first “Architectural Drafting” job. First, congrats on your achievement, since it is very important that you have skills in Cad and SU to offer an employer. They are only the tools to draw the design, and should not be mistaken for design knowledge. Just because you can draw a line in CAD doesn’t make you a good designer, just like someone who knows how to use a scalpel doesn’t make them a heart surgeon. As a licensed architect myself, it took me many years learning “on the job” about local building construction methods, building codes, cost/ benefit design analysis, architectural style, and a lot more, before I was able to effectively design a house project. Remember, clients come to the architect for their design expertise and reputation, and you will use the beginning years to learn from the architect as an intern. This is the best way to learn architecture, and you get paid while you learn!

Good luck with your career. Show initiative and enthusiasm while learning and you will be given design opportunities as you go along.

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Thanks for your suggestion…I am really scared to apply because I have only made 2 projects till date. On my CV I have no experience to show. Most of the companies are asking for 3 years of experience. I really wish to start working on the junior position but it is really looking difficult to find a position as a drafter…I will keep trying but there is only one thing I can mention on my CV which is my qualification and nothing else.
And secondly I am a mother of a special child so I really wish to find a job within school hours so that I can attend my child when he comes home. I really wish to work because I love my profession.

Who dares wins.
At least you must try.
The worse that can happen is that you don’t get the job.
You won’t die or be physically hurt.
You should not even be embarrassed if you fluff it, or fail in other ways.
Do your best and that is that.
If you don’t even try you’ll never know.
A good interviewer should offer constructive advice on how you might have improved your chances, but if they do not, or they are overly critical of you, then it is their problem, it is not yours…
In those circumstances just move on…

Some might reject you because of your lack of experience, but if so, then it does no harm to ask them if they have a junior or lower paid or part-time position for someone who has at least a qualification, without much experience…
At least you’ll have a foot on the ladder…
Remember, that at some stage in our career ALL of us had NO experience in some aspects of our forthcoming work, so you are not unique…

Be positive.

Even Steve Jobs and Bill Gates knew nothing much about computers at the early stages of their careers - but they learnt, and built on what they had learnt…


Here are a few additional suggestions. Research organizations who may have a need for a drafting intern. Find out the primary person (or persons) responsible for hiring. Send an introductory letter explaining what you have to offer this specific entity. Refer to any accomplishments, particularly as they relate to the professions where drafting is essential. Emphasize your enthusiasm for the work, your availability, your capacity for working as an integral team member and your willingness to learn as much as you can about the work. Follow up with a phone call to that person and discuss your interest. If you are willing to work for a pay rate that is less than standard, tell them. If you are willing to work unusual or flexible hours. let them know.

Leave the HR person with the impression that you will be an invaluable asset to their organization and that your knowledge base will be augmented as you gain greater experience. As a fledgling drafter, it is up to you to IMPRESS those who can potentially employ you, but their primary interest will be to evaluate how bringing you on board will add to the bottom line.

Be dogmatic and approach multiple candidate organizations. Make notes covering each encounter and be sure to follow up with a note (or at least an email) thanking each representative for the opportunity to present yourself. The follow-up material must include your contact information.

Don’t get hung up on only looking for work using SketchUp, because this limits the number of opportunities you can find. Unfortunately, not all professional firms use this great software. (I think more and more architects are beginning to lean in this direction, but most are still tied to AutoCAD, Revit and Vectorworks.)

If you approach your objective as though it is a job, you will ultimately succeed in getting calls for interviews and, sooner or later, you will get the job you are seeking. I know whereof I speak…even though I now have been a practicing registered architect for several decades, I began my career right out of high school as a drafter when all working drawings were hand drafted. My first job required that I learned the craft on the job and as an intern I worked evenings after my classes ended for the day and I worked for the lowest legal wage. After working with that firm for my freshmen year in college, I was considered proficient enough to become a “job captain” and directed a team of interns and other drafters under the supervision of a licensed architect.

Don’t give up and don’t lose your enthusiasm for the work. Best of luck in your endeavors!


Thanks a lot for encouragement. … for last few days I just used to look at the requirements of the job and then get disappointed. …I thought that I can’t do that…but now I will keep looking and will upload my CV. …To be honest at this stage I only want to learn more. …I am not bothered about the pay…I will try my best. …Thanks for help because I almost gave up on that…I also tried to google the listsof construction companies in my area but most of them did not have any jobs on their website…I believe rather than going on It might be a better option for me to contact them directly. …I will keep trying …

Don’t just look for job openings but rather make a list of interesting firms in your area. Not everybody is posting their openings on the site or have an up-to-date website.
Next, have a look at their websites so you already know a bit what they are doing. Then write them explaining you just got your diploma and would like to meet them because you liked their project XYZ and you’re looking for a place to learn, maybe get some useful tips and hopefully get a payed job.

Key for any potential employer is that you’re very willing to learn and you are taking effort. Of course they don’t expect you to already know everything when you just got your diploma.
Don’t get disheartened when most of your emails don’t get a response or the first talks are not a success. By already doing this, meeting people you’re already learning new things that eventually will help you when meeting the right person/firm.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. …I really didn’t know where to start from…In my diploma I learnt to work in four softwares Revit, AutoCad, 3ds Max Design and Sketchup. …I prepared my final assessment assignment of a complete Residential house project in Revit and Sketchup(one in each). …Out of all of these softwares I loved working on Sketchup. …but I know most popular one is Revit out of all these softwares…I am so happy to have a guidance from all of you…Now I have an idea that where should I start from…I will try my best…