How to extend text/string and file IO functionality

Core Ruby have awesome functionality for this (classes,methods) and it seems as it comes with the SketchUp Mac installation package, but not PC. Is there a download place for “missing” PC-.rb files containing these parts or can anyone advice me here about the simplest and quickest way to fix this. I need it to set up a good communication of parameters SketchUp<=>Excel.

As of SketchUp 2014 we ship with the Standard Ruby Library. Prior to that we shipped only the Ruby Core.

1st: Getting a top class answer from SketchUp team within two(!) minutes beats all forums I ever been to! Amazing. Confirms to me that Trimble is taking SketchUp to a new level, that is very promising for the future!
2nd: Of course, tt_su, you are right and there is no problem and my new topic headline here is totally unrelevant and really should not have been published at all by me, sorry for that :frowning:
3rd: To defend myself a little,though,this can be a lesson to be cautious with non-professional forums (unlike this!) where OLD info,tips and advices still remains, concerning obsolete versions of software. I was desinformed in one of those forums, leading me to believe that Standard Ruby was missing and that my Ruby coding errors came from that, when they in reality had the usual cause: developer has not read the API documentation thoroughly enough!
Last: My impression after this is that a SketchUp Ruby developer only need these 3 sources:
a The SketchUp Ruby API at Homepage | SketchUp Developer
b The Ruby API at Ruby Tutorial
c This new SketchUp super(!) forum
And by reading a and b THOROUGHLY, unlike me, one can save this forum for the really important questions.
Thanks again for a fine new forum! /Regards cstrom

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Yea, there is a lot of workarounds for previously missing API methods which have now been added. In addition to the StdLib and Ruby 2.0 in SketchUp 2014 the changelog for that version alone is longer than the changelogs for the previous versions combined. :slight_smile: …and that was a short dev cycle! :wink:

Glad to be of assistance and do feel free to ask any questions you might have. We won’t bite … much… :stuck_out_tongue: