How to export IfcProjectedCRS and IfcMapConversion

Hi, I`ve added this information and need to export it as IFC. I have tried with both the native IFC-export in SU-Pro 2023, and with the latest Ifc-manager. The geometry is no issue, but the information does not show up in neither Solibri or other checking-programs. Does any body know how to input and/or export this info in another way? The picuteres show how this looks like in SKP:

Very good question !
maybe @rtches or @brewsky have an idea ?

It seems to depend on IfcCoordinateOperation that is not in the options to choose…
If you export your model it’s converted to IfcBuildingElementProxy…
I’m afraid we have to wait until Trimble takes seriously IFC as a collaboration format.

Meanwhile you can use my plugin to attach Custom Parameter Sets but you need to change the Ifc categry.

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Thank you for your quick and helpful reply! I find more and more ways of adding IFC-information to my SKP-models, and your pluging is very helpful! The big challenge now is to export all the IFC-information.

  • You say that I could change the IFC-category and use your extension to add custum parameteres - wich parameters would you suggest instead of IfcProjectedCRS and MapConversion?

What is your purpose with those parameters. Are they required in a BEP document?

That is correct, it is requiered.

Can you upload the paragraph of that part in the BEP in order to guess the best way to attach them if it’s possible?

I’m afraid that you have to insert that data with another software, SketchUp is not good enough with IFC data, they are only focused on geometry…
You can insert those parameters with BlenderBIM, see this article…