How to draw with data uploaded from Excel

Can somebody help me with a extension to upload parameters for excel to skp, or what is the best way to use excel to skp?/

What is the data you have in Excel? What does it represent?

I want to draw a Racking system for a warehouse, in order to have the ability to make quick changes in height, length and width.

Again, what is the data? You can import coordinates as a points cloud by saving the data from the Excel file as a CSV file. I don’t know of a way to make modifications to a model from dimensions in an Excel file, though.

Seems to me what you need is to investigate Dynamic Components and Live Components. Actually if the model is correctly built with components, even using standard components, the dimension changes wouldn’t be that difficult.

The data will be the dimension of the rack, for example I going to have the quantity of racks required with the dimensions I want to know if it is possible to upload that data to SKP and create the drawing.

Im already works with dynamic components.

At this point I don’t think that’s possible. Not enough information in the spreadsheet to create the model.

Look at Live Components.

Do you know if its possible to do something with an extension, upload from excel with coordinates and create the component?

As I wrote before, you could save the spreadsheet of coordinates as a CSV file and import that data as a points cloud. There are several extension options for that (look in the Extension Warehouse or on Sketchucation. And there are extensions that can then connect the points to make faces.

Typically these are used for things like terrain. I would expect for something like you’re thinking of that you would end up with a bunch of unwanted faces and some missing faces. You certainly won’t be able to give the coordinates of the corners of a unit of racking and get a component that looks like the rack.


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