How to draw smooth curvy lines with the Freehand tool?

I could not figure it out so I thought I will draw it in CorelDraw and import it to SketchUp as a vector format (like EPS, AI, etc) but it seems SketchUp does not support the import of 2D vector files. So I imported it as PNG image but now how to recreate the same line in SketchUp?

The line on top is with the Freehand and the other is the image:

I’d draw a Bezier curve with FredoSpline instead of using the Free hand tool.

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With FredoSpline


or export DWG file from Corel.

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Many thanks guys …I will download and try FredoSpline.

mihai.s, I tried exporting the curve from CorelDraw with DWG and DXF but when I import it to SketchUp the curve looks anything but smooth. See screenshot below:

Which Spline type in FredoSpline you used for your example? I could not get mine to work like yours!

I used Bezier Classic, but you can use other types also (and even swap between them)

You can also draw the necessary segments with the line and then with Curvizard to join and smooth them.

Also try scaling the curve up in CorelDRAW before exporting to DXF/DWG. SketchUP changes the curve to a series of connected straight lines.

Thanks man for your help. Maybe I was doing something wrong! I will try again.

Well I tried scaling up in Corel and I still get the same result! Here is 3 examples:

I don’t know about Corel but in CAD software I’d try exploding the curve (convert to lines) in the first software before exporting. Then you may get a finer set of edges to take to SketchUp, where you can weld them into a curve. It appears that you are importing a curved shape that SketchUp is crudely translating to a few edges, so make the edges first.

Hmm… This sounds correct. I will try converting the line to curve in CorelDraw before exporting and see what will happen.