How To Developing a plug-in with C++



SU supports a SDK of C++,but how can we develop a plugin in SU ?
for example , how to create a button in SU which would Popup a dialog when clicked?
I test a sample project "skptoxml " ,but it seems no is this project below:

and how can we delelop a plugin which create a button in SU by C++?


The SU SDK is for standalone apps that read/write SketchUp model files. It is not meant to create plugins or extensions.


FYI, The C++ SDK is deprecated.

They are working on a C SDK as a replacement.


The c++ SDK is deprecated? Should there not be a replacement before this happens? What should people do that wish to develop a Sketchup 2016 exporter?

Sorry if this is explained at: the site is in “maintenance” at the moment.

How much will this new c api differ? Will it require a plugin rewrite?


Yes, for like near 3 years now.
(There has been a “deprecated” folder in the SDK package since the 2014 release.)

The C API SDK is the replacement. (But is a work in progress, although it is near parity, I think.)

Read the “migration_guide.html” file in the root folder of the SDK package.

And all documentation after each release for that matter. (As a developer, it is your responsibility to keep up with the state of things.)


Thanks for the information, the site is back up. I will read the migration_guide when I get a developer account.