How to create a 2d template of all faces?


Hi everybody

I’ve designed a 3D geometric object out of polygons. I’m planning to recreate it in cardboard then use that as a mould for casting a concrete planter out of it.

Is there an easy way to get information about every face (lengths, angles etc.) without having to measure each thing manually - or to dismantle the object and create a flat 2D view of all the shapes ready to print and cut out.

I daresay it’s fairly easy to do when you’re an expert but I’ve only been using it for an hour so any tips or shortcuts are appreciated :smile:

thanks in advance!


If your geometry isn’t too complex, you can have a look the the plugin Flattery:


Hey thanks, that looks pretty handy, just what I was looking for. My 3D object is fairly complex but I can probably chop it up into bits and do them seperately