How to convert Sketchup file to Solid STEP?

Hello everyone! I want to convert skb/skp file to STEP (solid CAD). As sketchup don’t have STEP format in export list. The exported STL file is not smooth to convert it to STEP. Additionally how to smooth the STL file within sketchup, I am using Sketchup pro 2023. Your suggestions and guidelines will be greatly appreciated. Regards.

SketchUp, being a face modeler creates flat faces and .stl files, being triangulated by definition will also result in facets when opened in other applications.

You could adjust your modeling method to allow you to use larger numbers of segments in circles, arcs, and curves which would give the appearance of smoother curved surfaces. They’ll still be facetted but it won’t be as obvious. There’s no way with SketchUp to get absolutely smooth, non-facetted surfaces, though.

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Thank you. Actually I got some sketchup files and I want to convert it to smooth stl. Do I have any flexibility to make smooth stl files?

As I wrote, by definition .stl files consist of triangles so necessarily the model will be made of flat faces. Also, as I wrote, you might be able to increase the number of segments in curves within the model. Maybe using an extension like SubD to further subdivide the surfaces you have. That will result in smaller triangles in the .stl and as I wrote, give the appearance of smoother surfaces.

Even if you started from a NURBS modeller instead of a face modeller the .stl files will consist of triangles.

How are you going to use the models once you have the .stl files?

All right got it. I am planning to convert the stl into step in solidworks or fusion 360.

There is no way to get a Sketchup model into Solidworks in a meaningful way. At least not in such a manner that someone can then work with the data in a useful way. We have to deal with this every day and if it were possible, it would simplify our processes significantly. As DaveR has already indicated, surface modeling and parametric design are simply fundamentally different things, even if what you see on the screen looks similar.

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Worth pointing out that when importing .stl to SketchUp, open the Configure button next to the file format on the import screen and make sure “merge coplanar faces is checked”. also running a clean up extension like CleanUp3 can merge triangulated surfaces back into smooth planes. This works to simplify flat faces on an imported .stl, but curves will be faceted, it’s the nature of .skp files. Remodel, or SubD for smoothing curves further.

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