How to calculate the root n of a number

How to calculate the root n of a number.
The square root node takes only one parameter unlike the Power node

a*pow(c,n) = b
i want to find it
c= SQRT(b/a,n)

Calculate a reduction or enlargement coefficient:

I have an object A of width a, I make n copies with a scale factor c different from 1 and the last copy is object B of width b.
I have a parameter a, b and n.
If I want to set the dimension of A and B according to parameters, I have to calculate the scale factor c
c= SQRT(b/a,n)

Is the knot missing? Or did I miss some things?

The ‘square’ root is always 2 per definition but, since the nth root of of x is x^(1/n), c is pow(b,1/n)


Thank you !
I forget it ! :crazy_face: