How do I calculate length and width by square footage?



Most people calculate the opposite thing, but in this case i need to create a rectangle that is exactly 450 sq/ft.
This isn’t the same as calculating square footage, its the opposite. Getting the length and width from the square footage.
I would really appreciate this,

Thank you for your help!

  • frogolive


There’s a plugin from SDMitch called Fixed Area that would probably do the trick for you.


Thank you


I’m curious about the scenario. Do the dimensions or ratio of the rectangle not matter? If not, then you could make a 10’ x 45’ rectangle, right?

If it’s perfectly square, then would finding out the square root solve the problem? You can Google Square Roots, luckily. The 4 sides of a square 450 sq ft area would each be 21.2132034356, if that is the concern.


I think thats my answer! If i find the square root of the square footage on google square roots, i should find it, Thank you!


Unless you specify either the ratio between the sides (e.g., 1:1 for a square) , or the length of one of them, there is an infinite number of answers for rectangles of a given square footage.


In this case the studio that i am making is a square, what do i do with the 1:1 ratio?


Just calculate the square root of 450 and that’ll be the length of the sides of the square. Since both sides are the same length, the ratio is 1:1.


Well, if all the rectangles you want are square, you just do as you are doing: take the square root of the area.

Otherwise, it’s solving an algebraic equation




@frogolive, a 1:1 ratio sounds like you just need the square root. You don’t even need a calculator for situations like this, fortunately. I googled “Square root of 450” and it gave me a direct answer. Let us know how that works out for you!


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