How to assign a 2nd story ground plane?

I’m working on a 2nd story of a home, but I don’t have the 1st story in the model, so everything by default is sitting at the base axis. I’d like to set my model up so that the HDRI (grass below, background) sits about 12 ft below my model when I render, without having to adjust the entire model 12’ above the default axis. What’s the best move here?

If you’ve already drawn it, it should be simple and fast to just select everything and move it in z by 12’. But you suggest that will be a problem. Why?

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I did that but the ground plane of the HDRI didn’t seem to be 12’ down from my window looking out.

Use the tape measure to check the z distance of both the HDRI image and the bottom of your second floor structure. It sounds like one or the other isn’t quite where you think. That or your expectation of what you will see is off.

Perhaps you just need to put a simple ground plane in at the origin to keep the hdri down. Only guessing.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by putting in a simple ground plane. In this case I mean I actually don’t know what you’re referring to so if you could give me a simple tip that would be super helpful and appreciated.

Create a rectangle 12 feet below your raised 2nd floor, therefore giving it a point of reference in 3d space.