How select a component in structure



I try to catch the selection of some component but when the component is in an other component i have to do 3 clicks to acces it.
For example on the picture

I want to create a plugin to reveal and put the component like the litle cube or the litle rolltop on foreground. I want to do this to have an easy way to click on this component and launch other funtion on my api ruby on them after

I try to find a solution but i fail :frowning: thanks for help everyone.



The ‘Outliner’ allows you to drag groups and components from one context to another. You can thus drag a nested component to the highest level, just as an example.



Thanks for answer,

That one of possibility but the problem is that on my drawing there are lots of component that i want to catch and on the Outliner is not easy to choose the correct component (some have the same name). You have to click on few component to find the one you want.

I try to put them in foreground to make easy to see and click on them but when i click on this all the object is selected not just the litle cube for exemple.



With Xray mode on so you can see what is selected, you can window select the small internal component (drag selection box left to right).

If the small internal component is a subcomponent of the larger box, open the latter for editing first.

[EDIT] I hadn’t registered that you want to do this programmatically, but I remain unclear WHY you need to do that.



Sorry, the SketchUp API does not have any method to programmatically put the user interface into the editing context of a group or component. (This is considered an end user function.)




have a look at ClickCuisine DC’s they have the menu as part of the DC…

It’s very advanced DC coding and has a supporting Extension to help things work…

they do offer advanced DC coding training on their site…




This is a good suggestion. I’m trying it but if the model has a lot of components at different levels it’s difficult to drag them up to level 1. Sometimes they don’t drag easily. Is there another way they can be “batch assigned” to level 1? Thanks,



I’ve just been trying same as Jeremie and used your suggestion of Xray and it’s working well for me. I’d like to be able to “batch assign” components that are same but at different nesting levels to the nested level 1. Is there any way this can be easily done? “Drag/drop” within outliner works well but gets much more difficult if there are a lot of components. Hard to see 1st level (collapsing will hide them) and “holding” while dragging “sometimes” lets you move to 1st level, but not always. Sometimes they seem to “freeze”. If you have any thought’s on a “batch reassign levels” that would be great. Thanks.


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