How keep the face normal consistent

Hi Experts,

Please see the attached Sketchup modelBlend_T2.skp (322.2 KB) in the Sketchup application. You will find that the face normal unconsistent. Is there any API function to be able to set all face normals consistent when create .skp file?

Also, is there any way to keep the face normal consistent in the Sketchup application?

Thank you.

I’m not sure I understand/know completely your question, (face normals consistent…And the full scale of API’s)
(sure something I don’t know about…still kind of new here)

-but there are z-fighting, double faces. (2 instances, see pict.)
Just select and delete those extra faces, and it is one nice “entity”…

There is no API method similar to the Orient Faces function from the UI. You’d have to do that yourself. However, are you creating this mesh yourself with the C API? The orientation of the face depend on the order of the points you use to create the faces. If you feed all the faces their points in a consistent order when creating them you don’t need to orient them manually afterwards.

And as Piil60 mentions, you seem to have some issues with the model with overlapping faces.

The model does include the overlapped faces. I use C API to generate them. So, it is important to keep the consistent face normal by the correct loop orientation. Thank you.

OK, sorry justinwhp!
My mistake/ and lack of knowledge :blush:

Piil60, you found the overlapped faces in the model. I didn’t realize it. Thank you.