How I use SketchUp

THAT is cool. How many hours or days of modeling does a project like this take you?

4 or 5 days max in total spread over a few weeks. That’s all I can spare on them with the other parts of my role as a tender planner. I’ve been using this for nearly 20 years so I have a simple routine for getting them done.

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Thanks for the breakdown. I have used a similar workflow and have found using some tags for Demo, Existing and new entities very useful. I tried a plug-in that was supposed to add a time element to the model so you could animate between phases. I think it is called 4D Virtual Builder. I find it interesting that you have a single model file with all your entourage stored there, I do the same thing but have been trying to break each component in to a folder and file system.

Thanks again, nice work.