How does one determine the exact intercept location for 2 arcs or 2 circles?

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I’m really hoping I’m just missing something obvious here, but can someone please let me know how once can find the exact intercept location of 2 arcs or 2 circles? I appreciate SU doesn’t use true arcs, so maybe I should rephrase the question, it’s not unusual to have 2 lines of specific length that intercept but with no information on their angles. What method can be used to accurately determine their intercept location with only their start positions and lengths being known? I know I could calculate it manually, but surely that’s not the answer. Even if I have to use an extension that’s fine.

I have read some of this Mathematically accurate curved surfaces - #43 by MikeWayzovski, but all I’m asking about is this simple 2D case.

Thanks all.

Exact Arc Intercept

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Does Tig’s True Tangents help you?


I use this plugin SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

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This one will also come in handy for sure! Ta.

Maaate! That’s perfect, thanks heaps!