How do i save my models to a folder

I want to use my models in other drawings

When you click File>Save, choose the location you want to save to. then you can use File>Import to import the model into another file.

what if there are many models in a file? how do I save them separately? for example I have tool rack, shop building, and a table saw.

See this old thing.

should I refer to models in a files as components or groups not models?

Well, if you plan to save them for later use, they need to be components. Generally a model refers to the entire drawing. A tablsaw could be a model if that’s the only thing there but it gets saved and used as a component when you are laying out the tools in your shop.

See this article at the SketchUp Sage Site:
How do I make Material and Component Collections? — SketchUp Sage

how do I save a part of my model as a component? ie. a table saw in the model of my shop

To save something as a component, that something must be a component first.

  • If the table is a group, select it, right-click → Make Component.
  • If the table is made of edges and faces, select them, right-click → Make Component.

Right-click on the component → Save As…
(actually it is saved as a moel, which can be imported as a component.)