How do I make rectangles avoiding coordinates of another objects?

I want to make rectangles(not cube) avoiding another objects I chose.

I’m making models about geological research, seeking possibilities of faults that are distributed the same points of the building.

Several boring researches were done by previous research, and I have to make next boring points.
Now, I’m trying to make some rectangles(= faults) avoiding another boring points, but another faults I cannot imagine may be.

So, I want to make a program about it. What should I do?
Should I use a Ruby?

I think you have to be a bit more precise on what specifically you want to achieve geometrically. Is the problem with geometry that overlap, and get distorted, or is it that snaps from other objects interferes with drawing?
Or do you want to have rectangles that “magnetically” ,sort of, will not want to be be close to other objects?

If it´s the last one, then there’s no tool for that. But you can easily make objects with a “perimeter”, or “fence” around them with a distance you specify. That is just 4 lines offset from your rectangle, and then you manually will visually see where your objects are to close or too far away from other geometry. Always go for the easy solution I say :slight_smile:

Short answer is to use groups an components. Start exploring them at the The Learning Center. Please update your profile with the correct information, what is not a graphics card.

Are you using this for work? If so, you are likely required to have a commercial license for SketchUp.

It sounds like you are looking for collision detection, to prevent entities from overlapping in space. Sketchup does not do this automatically. You can isolate shapes and check manually if the are touching any other geometry.

you might check this plugin out : Components colission detection or checking if point is inside solid - #3 by eneroth3

But :

  • it would be for solids, not rectangles. You can easily, even if temporary, turn your rectangles into solids by making them components.
  • it’s not going to spot where you can fit more rectangles, only spot if two or more are in conflict.

I guess you’d need another code combining mathematics to do that - ruby would be appropriate and sketchup a good media to illustrate it, but perhaps it would be easier with another language / software dealing with 2D only

huh :face_with_monocle: