How do I import a DWG file in Sketchup make (not SKETCHUP PRO)



How can I import DWG into Sketchup for Windows 10,


You need SketchUp Pro to import DWG files.


DWG requires SketchUp Pro. There are some free import plugins, but they work on DXF files (a plain-text version of DWG).



which can be converted to with e.g. the free Teigha f. Windows & macOS.


Find a copy of SU 7. You could still import DWG there but you also need a patch file called “allow DWG import” or something similar to that. Then open the file in your version of SU.


All: Great Group! Spot on, thanx. Jay


I kept my copy of SU 7 just for that purpose. Works fine.


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