How do I draw a line around a cylinder

I’m fairly new to SketchUp. As the topic suggests I’m trying to draw a line around a cylinder. I can do it, it just takes forever. making a guide on each facet of the cylinder then drawing a line. There has to be a way to mark it once then have it draw all the way around. Maybe there’s something with the follow me tool that I’m not getting. I always end up with a mess whenever I use it on anything. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you just want a sort of belt around it? If so, try this:

  1. Get the Select tool.
  2. Select the edge of the cylinder.
  3. Get the Move tool (Hit M for the keyboard shortcut)
  4. Press Ctrl to invoke the copy function of the Move Tool.
  5. Click on and move a copy of the selection along the cylinder.
  6. If you know how far along the cylinder you want the “belt” positioned, let go of the mouse and type the distance. Hit enter.

This is why you are a sage.Thanks. I don’t think I’d of ever thought of that. I’ve read some of your other tips on other topics. You really know your stuff. Thanks again Dave.

Thank you, sir. that’s very kind of you.

Things like this come with practice and doing it the hard way at least once. as you start to become more and more familiar with the tools you will find ways of combining them to accomplish amazing feats.

And if your cylinder will become a cone, you can use the context menu “create group from slice” (right translation?) to get a line around it…

how’d you get that cone to have a flat top?

One easy way is to use Follow Me.

Or the scale tool…

Or you could use the Move tool on a cardinal point.

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