How do I download SketchUp Pro 2018 on new computer?

I was running SketchUp Pro 2018 on old computer but have recently moved to a new computer. I cannot find the 2018 download package anywhere. Please help.

Here’s a link for you.

Keep in mind that the 3D Warehouse no longer supports Sketchup 2018. Might be time to update.

Hello, do you have another link? I get an error with that one. I have the same problem as King325.

There is nothing wrong with the link. It is a German site. Possibly you have a firewall issue.
Pleaase correct your profile. Operating system 2018 means nothing and 20 is not a graphics card.

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I will revise with my IT team, thank’s!

You should also inform your it-team that these older versions need to be modified in order to be activated.
They used an old, non -existing Url to check wether the system has an active internet connection.
Search the forum for ‘2018 seems to be offline’ to deal with that (although the Eula clearly states not to modify with the software)