How do I count objects in a layout document?

I create landscape design documents where hundreds of plants are placed in my document. I have to count how many of each plant are in the document. How can I do this without having to hand count each plant?

It seems like there should be a feature where Layout can give you a count of identical objects in the document.

I don’t think there is any facility for that in LayOut. If your plants are components in your SketchUp model, they could be counted there and a report generated to show that.

That’s one thing I always found strange about Layout in that there is no Entity Tray in Layout (another item Sketchup and Layout lack that consistency) where in that tray, it shows what is selected (and if multiples are selected, how many) on a page, be it a text string, viewport, dimension etc, you know, Layout Items (not so much Sketchup models/entities). In fact, that Entity Tray can eliminate the need for a separate Text Style tray, Dimension Style Tray and whatever else as those would all be dynamic attributes of the Entity selected and show up in the Entity Tray.