How do I add wall thickness to lettering for a mold? [SOLVED]


I need to 3D print this object as a mold. Basically all the walls have thickness except for the text. But when I upload my model to 3D printing services, the walls on the text are not being recognized and just don’t show up. The reason the text has an open back is because the material needs to be able to go inside to take the shape. I need a solution on how to solve this fast. Thanks in advance

This is the face of the mold:

This is the inside of the text that needs to be hollow so the material can take form from. How do I add thickness to it?


How about uploading the SKP file so we can see it?


Mold.skp (1.4 MB)


I don’t really know why it’s happening because if you look in the file, the deer head stamp is essentially the same thing as the text and it can be seen in the 3D printing service viewer


The component doesn’t meet the requirements of being “solid”. You say this is to create a mold. Where does the material go that will be molded? On the outside of the letters or on the inside?


Basically the material will be filled up through that opening on the bottom so the text is embossed:


For reference, this is what I’m trying to achieve with this mold. This is why the text must remain hollow:


Like this, then.

<a class=“attachment”

What will the mold be made of?

Mold.skp (1.1 MB)


Yes, precisely. I’m a little confused though. I can tell that looks different from what I had, but achieves the same purpose; how did you do that? Also, we are testing a range of materials like fine grain sand, composite grain, clay, etc.


I just made what would be the bottom of the mold 3D without the sides and then added the walls. I turned the geometry over so you can look down inside instead of looking up from below. Notice how there’s actually thickness in the bottom of the mold (what was the top as you had it drawn.

Will you need to add some draft so the molded object will come out?


Ahhh, yes. Such a simple solution, I don’t know why I was overthinking it. Thank you!


You’re welcome.

Pictures of the mold and the mold-ee please.


Making a note of that so I remember to upload them once they’re here


I’m not sure what material you’ll be molding with, but you might need to include some “draft” in the mold in order to get the object to release.

Just an end of year thought,



Yes, Shep. That what I was wondering about, too. Thus my question. :wink: