How can I sign my extension for custom installer

I have a question about Sketchup extension signature.
We distribute our extension in two ways:

  • by *.rbz package submission using Extension Warehouse;
  • using our custom installer without *.rbz inside (for corporate purposes).

So, can we sign source code without *.rbz or extract some data from signed *.rbz package and include it in our installer?
Note: both *.rbz and custom installer include the same source code.

Thank you!

I think you can make an RBZ, sign in the signing portal, unpack the encrypted RBE files from it and place those files in your own installer. Haven’t tried it myself though.


As was said.
Simply take the entire contents of the signed RBZ and use those with your installer.
The additional ‘signing’ files are inside the extension’s subfolder and will be installed too…

I’ll try this and reply you soon.
Thank you for advices!

Adding my 2 cents, a .rbz is exactly just a .zip file with a different extension name applied. You can do anything with it you could do with another zip.

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Yes… sorry… I had assumed that the OP [as a developer] might have known that an RBZ archive is actually a re-suffixed ZIP archive, and so it can be extracted by simply changing its file-type extension and unZIPping it…
But of course, on reflection… how else might the OP have made the RBZ which was submited to the EWH ?
So then getting the RBZ back and comparing the [ZIP] archive’s contents should reveal the ‘signing files’ needed in any custom-installer’s collection…

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