How Can I Sell My Perpetual License?

Hi, i want sell my perpetual Sketchup 2019 Pro License. How can i do? How is the transfer process for license?

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The Terms and Conditions for the SketchUp Pro license indicate that you may not sell or transfer the license to someone else without permission. See Section 1.1 here: Trimble SketchUp Pro License | SketchUp

Contact Trimble/SketchUp Customer Support and obtain permission to sell license first.

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I don’t know the definite answer to the question, but I see that in a previous case we asked for the new user name, company (if applicable) and email address you would be selling to. Send that information into the link Dave gave, and make sure to send from your forum gmail address, that’s the one that is associated with your license.

You may be asked to deactivate your current activations, and at the moment you have SketchUp 2018 activated on one computer.

Hi there! Did you contact Trimble to get permission? If so, I am interested in buying your SketchUp license. The legal way. Thanks in advance!